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gnochive is a GUI frontend for all common archivers under linux.
gnochive was formally known as gnomerar

  • rar
  • gzip
  • tar
  • zip/unzip

  • Features

  • creating rar,gzip,zip,tar,tar.gz(tgz) archives.
  • extractig
  • testing

  • gnochive NEWS

    gnochive 0.5.5 is not a stable version. I've got a lottsa bugs from the users, but still it happens to work on some sistems. You can get an updated version on the download page. So far I didn't released it due to the fact that I didn't had the time to test on enough systems. So I'm waiting for your bug reports!. -cooly

    Written a basic GNOME applet for gnochive.
    Added support for tar,bzip2,zip.
    Added solaris precompiled packages.
    Added Mandrake linux packages.
    Updated to Romanian Translations.
    Added gzip/gunzip support.
    Rewritten "path check" functions.

    Official Mirror List

    Please send bugs-report to
    Lucian Langa